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Design as seen through the eyes of French designers and experts

  • Xavier Allard
    Head of design at Alstom Transport
  • Samuel Accocceberry
  • Anne Asensio
    Vice-president of the Design Experience service at Dassault Systèmes
  • Bertrand Barré
    President of the Groupe Zebra agency
  • Carole Favart
    General Manager of the Kansei Design Division at Toyota Motor Europe
  • Antoine Fenoglio
    Designer and president of the Les Sismo agency
  • Jean-Louis Fréchin
    Designer and president of the Nodesign agency
  • Constance Guisset
  • Yo Kaminagai
    Head of design at RATP
  • François Lenfant
    General Manager Healthcare Experience, Global Design at GE Healhtcare
  • Pierre-Yves Panis
    Head of design at Philips Lighting
  • Philippe Picaud
    Head of design at Carrefour
  • Gilles Rougon
    Executive Member of the World Design Organization / Collective Innovation Catalyst at EDF R&D
  • Patrick Veyssière
    Co-founder and president of the Dragon Rouge agency
  • Gilles Vidal
    Designer and head of design at Peugeot
English subtitles available for non-French speakers
For World Industrial Design Day 2018, The Design Spot unveils a video series featuring representatives of French design. They each offer their definition of a discipline that evolves constantly to reflect the changing world.


These professionals work for major industrial companies or large agencies, or run their own studio. They agreed to share their personal vision of design, of its role and place in society, and of its links with business, innovation and scientific research.
Our warm thanks to Xavier Allard (Alstom Transport), Samuel Accoceberry, Anne Asensio (Dassault Systèmes), Bertrand Barré (Groupe Zebra), Carole Favart (Toyota), Antoine Fenoglio (Les Sismo), Jean-Louis Fréchin (Nodesign), Constance Guisset, Yo Kaminagai (RATP), François Lenfant (GE Healthcare), Pierre-Yves Panis (Philips Lighting), Philippe Picaud (Carrefour), Gilles Rougon (WDO / EDF), Patrick Veyssière (Dragon Rouge) and Gilles Vidal (Peugeot).


The interviews were filmed in November 2017, a few days before the official opening of The Design Spot, during a meeting to discuss the purpose and potential of a design center attached to a university—a unique facility in France. Find out more

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