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Short courses

We offer introductory modules to design and design practices for students, researchers and entrepreneurs in the Paris-Saclay ecosystem.

Tailor-made training in English

In order to meet the needs and expectations of academic institutions, labs and businesses, we offer a tailored and fully flexible solution.

Our training program in French


Discover the different fields of design and acquire the skills to collaborate with designers.

timer 3 H


Learn, understand and practice design methods and tools.

timer 3 H

Les spéciales

Testimonials and thematic workshops led by specialized professionals.

timer 3 H


To learn about design

The modules’ main purpose is to clarify what design is and to show how designers can play a major part in the various phases of product, interface and service development.

To understand and to practice the designer’s tools

The aim is not so much to turn students into apprentice designers as to help them understand the design process better, so they can draw on it to think up original, innovative design methodologies or collaborate effectively with designers for their current or future projects.

To learn to manage design projects

These modules also aim to provide Paris-Saclay ecosystem professionals with the keys to engaging designers in the development of their current or future projects.