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The Design Spot offers a wide selection of leading periodicals on international design: Auto & Design, Azure, Communication Arts, Design Fax, Frame, FX, How, Interior Design, Intramuros, MD, Print, Wallpaper* and Wired.

As well as being a source of inspiration, these specialized magazines keep you up to date with the latest news and professional trends in design, including graphic, product and spatial design.

Design resources in the Université Paris-Saclay libraries

Thanks to Focus, the centralized catalog for Université Paris-Saclay libraries, you can locate and access all design-related materials (online articles, books, and print or electronic journals).

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A collaborative design workshop.


An online platform to bring together creators and developers of innovation.


160m² of flexible space to share.

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The Design Spot is a design center initiated by Université Paris-Saclay to support its tens of thousands of students, researchers and entrepreneurs in their R&D projects. Learn more

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