Prix Design & Science
Université Paris-Saclay


The Prix Design & Science – Université Paris-Saclay is a contest that has been bringing design students and engineering students together to develop innovative projects on an annual theme since 2016.

Taking an entrepreneurial approach, participants work in small groups to develop an innovative product or service from initial idea through to detailed design.

The teams take part in workshops and present their work in public on several occasions, with constant guidance from design professionals. Seminars, presentations and meetings with innovation specialists are held throughout the program to help participants hone their ideas, perfect their project and, above all, make it viable.

The prize is judged by a panel of professionals. In 2020, the winning team receives a trip to Singapore, a €3,000 grant, a place in an incubator to develop their project. They also get to present their project at the Laval Virtual exhibition (a European exhibition dedicated to new virtual reality technologies and uses).

The program is more than just a great learning opportunity; it’s a professional springboard. Some projects lead to new business ventures and continue to develop.

A union between science and design

The program’s originality lies in getting design students and science students to join forces and work on a project in a highly practical way.

This collaborative experience lets students bring to the table the viewpoints, ways of thinking and problem-solving methods specific to their respective disciplines, and use them to complement each other over the various phases of the project’s development.


 Agriculture & Megacities


 Artificial Intelligence