More than a hundred people gathered on Thursday, March 14 at Palais de la découverte for the closing ceremony of Prix Design & Science – Université Paris-Saclay 2019, which focuses this year on artificial intelligence. From project presentations to the award ceremony, a visual return to the highlights of the evening.

The team behind “Prisme”, Prix Design & Science 2019 winning project

Prix Design & Science de l’Université Paris-Saclay is an educational program that brings together several dozen students each year to work as a team on an innovation project based on a social theme. For this edition, 29 students took up the challenge of developing in just a few months an innovative product or service integrating artificial intelligence. Divided into 9 teams, they explored the possibilities and challenges of AI for major areas of society (health, energy, education, culture and energy). The programme ends with a ceremony at Palais de la découverte during which the teams unveil their project to the public, on stage. A jury rewards the most convincing projects.

After an introduction by Vincent Créance (director of the Design Spot), Laurence Devillers, AI professor and 2019 jury president, spoke on robotics and human-machine relations.

Bastien Perdriault, head of the programme, then went back over the organisation of the Prize, its jury and its endowments. This year, the Paris Region, the new partner of the programme, is awarding its own distinction to one of the teams, le Prix spécial Île-de-France.


AI at the heart of projects

The 9 groups in competition then followed one another on stage at a fast pace. They had 7 minutes to present their project developed thanks to and with artificial intelligence. The groups then went to their stands to continue their presentation and answer questions from the public with models and prototypes.

Mobile applications, systems and digital interfaces: the solutions designed integrate the powers of AI for multiple purposes. Some projects promise to connect people more easily in order to consume better and reduce its impact on the environment. Others aim to raise citizens’ awareness of their energy consumption, democratize access to medical care or help budding musicians to compose.

And the 2019 winners are…

Gauthier Blanche (in charge of student competitions at Laval Virtual), Valérie Montandon (Île-de-France regional advisor and president of the Strategic Design Council), Laurence Devillers and Jeff Archambault (entrepreneurial consultant), members of the jury for Prix 2019 Design & Science.

After long minutes of deliberation and consultation, the jury went on stage to announce the results. “Deliberations were not easy because the projects are so good” explains Laurence Devillers, president of the jury.


Prisme wins Prix Design & Science – Université Paris-Saclay

Prisme is an application that allows any user to develop his critical thinking skills thanks to a system that crosses in real time all available sources on a journalistic subject. This system analyses the articles that can be consulted online to enable the user to better understand the information, in France and around the world.

“A very beautiful societal project, very ambitious, which must absolutely be carried out because we need it.” — Laurence Devillers, jury president

Philomène Desjonquères (ENSTA ParisTech), Amine Alaoui and Annouck Voisin (Strate, design school), the project leaders.

La butinerie wins Prix spécial Île-de-France

While the end of insects is announced for the end of the century, the aim of La butinerie is to reconnect urban dwellers and endangered insects in green spaces.

With an insect hotel connected and equipped with image recognition tools and sensors, it will be possible to count, observe and study species and collect data on biodiversity trends.

“This partnership was an opportunity to work on a design project that is not only focused on people but more broadly on living things.” — Christelle Zheng, La butinerie

Thibaud Porcherot, Christelle Zheng (Strate, école de design) and Saad Fassi Fihri (Télécom ParisTech), the team behind La Butinerie

Eye Care win Prix spécial Laval Virtual

The examination of the fundus is performed by ophthalmologists to diagnose eye diseases but also to detect other conditions, such as diabetes.

Using an optical device attached to a smartphone and an image processing application, Eye Care aims to make this examination accessible to everyone, anywhere, in order to facilitate and accelerate the detection of retinal-related diseases.

“Our long-term vision is to make Eye Care the ophthalmologist in your pocket.” — Philippe Martin, Eye Care

Louis Billotte (Strate, design school), Jean Vassoyan (Télécom ParisTech) and Philippe Martin (ENSTA ParisTech), project leaders awarded Prix spécial Laval Virtual.

See you next year!

The theme of the 2020 edition of Prix Design & Science will soon be announced. Interested students and schools can now subscribe to an email alert to ensure that they do not miss the launch of the registration campaign.

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