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Training Courses


Design Panorama

An introduction to design, design history and current design practices.

timer 3 H


Design, theory & practice

A workshop to try your hand at the creative project approach and learn to work with designers.

timer 14 H / 2 days



A training module customized to the specific needs of your school, laboratory or company.

timer Flexible

Introductory modules to design and design practices

These modules are taught by designers and innovation specialists known for their expertise in the fields of science and technology. They are open to the students, faculty and staff of Université Paris-Saclay institutions, and to the companies in the Paris-Saclay ecosystem.

Short courses

No prerequisites

Free of charge*

The objective is to share the designer’s tools and approaches

The modules’ main purpose is to clarify what design is and to show how designers can play a major part in the various phases of product, interface and service development.

The aim is not so much to turn students into apprentice designers as to help them understand the design process better, so they can draw on it to think up original, innovative design methodologies or collaborate effectively with designers for their current or future projects.

To fulfill this need, we have designed several modules that alternate between theory classes (design history, current issues and professions) with practical exercises or group projects.



timer3 H

  • Design History
  • Design processes and tools

For :

  • every one eager to discover design.
  • project leaders who need tools for creation and innovation.


timer14 H / 2 days

  • Design History
  • Case studies
  • Project time


  • every one eager to discover design and its different.
  • project leaders who need tools for creation and innovation.
  • (future) project leaders who need tools to work with external or internal designers.




In order to meet the needs and expectations of academic institutions, labs and businesses, we offer a tailored and fully flexible solution.

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Design Graduate Programs

Discover all the programs offered at Université Paris-Saclay institutions, including master’s, PhD and agrégation programs.

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