Design studies and Research

Design courses

Are you looking for a design course? Listed below are all the programs offered at Université Paris-Saclay institutions, including master’s, PhD and agrégation programs.


Master ELS (Embedded Lighting Systems)
The Master in Embedded Lighting Systems (ELS) is delivered by the Institut d’optique Graduate School – ParisTech, ESTACA and Strate School of Design. It aims to train future experts in the field of embedded lighting technologies.

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(M2) Master of Design (research track)
Offered jointly by ENS Paris-Saclay, ENSCI – Les Ateliers and Telecom ParisTech, this master’s program gets students working with researchers to encourage a vocation for design research (open to students having already completed one year of a master’s program).

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Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering - Industrial Design Engineering
The Industrial Design Engineering course of the Mechanical Engineering Master offers a specialization in the field of industrial design (book preparation, design culture, computer graphics, design office, drawing, rough) by distinguishing between industrial design design (application to industrial work, marketing) and industrial design strategy (strategic application and HR and performance functions, plastic research). This path makes it possible to design products taking into account technical, economic, aesthetic and ergonomic factors.

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M1-M2 Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID)
Thaught entirely in English, the “Interaction” specialty provides students with fundamental knowledge and advanced techniques to design, develop and evaluate interactive systems that are adapted to the needs of their users. It trains specialists in Human-Computer Interaction and prepares them to careers in academia, industrial R&D and any company that develops interactive systems.

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Master FESup (Teacher Training for Higher Education)
The Master FESup (Teacher Training for Higher Education) at ENS Paris-Saclay offers advanced teacher training in applied arts.

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Master FIPDes (Food Innovation and Product Design)
The two-year FIPDes Master’s degree trains future professionals in the field of food science and the design of innovative food products and packaging.

This training is offered jointly by the AgroParisTech School – University of Paris-Saclay (France), the Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), the University of Lund (Sweden) and the University of Naples – Frederic-II (Italy), as part of the European Erasmus Mundus Excellence Programme.

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PhD in design
ENS Paris-Saclay offers a doctorate in design under the joint supervision of a full professor from the school (a non-designer) and a member of its design research team.

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ENS Paris-Saclay offers a preparation for the agrégation competitive examination in Art, applied arts option.

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Design Departments and Research Centers

ENS Paris-Saclay Design Department

École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay runs the  Center for Design Research (CDRED)  and offers a range of teaching programs through its Design Department.


Studio Design – Télécom ParisTech

Télécom ParisTech students can take advantage of the Studio Design, a flexible space for rapid prototyping to foster collaboration and creativity.